Below is a sampling of some of the recent transactions the Affordable Housing Group has closed. You can sort the list by unit count, sale price, or even region of the country. AHG-Nationwide's team has the experience needed to help you with your affordable housing needs!

Property Name# of UnitsSale PriceRegion
Norman Towers406$94,000,000East Coast
Village on the Green 264$49,500,000West Coast
Miracle Terrace179$37,250,000West Coast
Oak View of Sonoma Hills208$35,500,000West Coast
Lakeview Apartments152$34,000,000East Coast
Monterra Springs Apartments111$30,100,000West Coast
Washington State Portfolio151$29,200,000West Coast
Hanover Square199$27,000,000East Coast
Presbyterian Senior Portfolio270$24,000,000East Coast
Woodpark128$22,250,000West Coast
Buena Vida at Town Center115$21,500,000West Coast
Cypress Village88$20,900,000East Coast
Viewpoint Senior Apartments114$20,000,000Midwest
Bellflower Friendship Manor170$19,149,000West Coast
Il Pompeii Luxury Apartments111$19,000,000West Coast
Renaissance Park127$18,500,000West Coast
Norwalk Christian Towers185$18,500,000West Coast
Town Meadows100$17,500,000West Coast
Willa Rawls Manor123$17,400,000Midwest
Prairie Estates160$16,000,000Midwest
Casa Rita Apartments103$15,900,000West Coast
Buckingham Portfolio83$15,500,000West Coast
Las Brias Apartments120$14,500,000West Coast
Vista Alicante100$14,350,000West Coast
Triangle Terrace75$13,500,000West Coast
Homes of Persimmon180$12,700,000Midwest
Spokane portfolio168$12,500,000West Coast
Meridian Manor101$12,050,000West Coast
Oakley Square Apartments100$11,250,000Southeast
Desert Oasis90$11,000,000West Coast
Country Club Apartments91$10,200,000East Coast
Indio Gardens150$10,200,000West Coast
Park Sunset Senior Apartments30$10,000,000West Coast
Ligutti Tower139$9,100,000Midwest
Elise Mason Manor150$7,500,000Midwest
Whitney Young Manor Apartments200$7,400,000West
Illinois Affordable Portfolio229$6,270,000Midwest
Waipahu Tower64$5,450,000West Coast
Briarwood Apartments100$4,500,000West Coast