John L. Nguyen

Executive Vice President
Director | Affordable Housing Group

License # 01303273

Direct: 949-724-5581

With nearly two decades in the commercial real estate industry, John brings extensive experience and insight to the Affordable Housing Group. He has considerable hands-on experience in the sale of project-based Section 8, HUD-insured, state agency financed and value-add subsidized properties.

John decided early in his career to focus exclusively on affordable housing. Harnessing his knowledge of the nuances of government restrictions, financing, and acquisition/disposition structures, John successfully provides unparalleled advisory and customer services to his clients, both institutional and non-profit alike. In this, John has a long track record of maximizing opportunities and creating substantial value for his clients.

John is the Director of the Colliers Affordable Housing Group, leading the firm’s only group of affordable multifamily specialists.