The Affordable Housing Group is dedicated to preserving and expanding affordable housing nationwide for families and individuals with low incomes. Our team of industry experts understands the nuances and issues within the affordable housing industry; our in-depth knowledge and years of experience have enabled us to successfully navigate the complexities of this niche with expertise.

Despite often challenging circumstances, government regulations, and the intricacies of federal, state, and local housing programs, the Affordable Housing Group has a long history of successfully producing substantial value for their clients and delivering on its promise to improve affordable housing nationwide.

Underwriting & Due Diligence

We perform thorough evaluations of our clients’ properties. By reviewing all financial statements, we are able to assess against local industry standards and complete financial underwriting that presents the asset in the best possible light, all while maintaining credibility. We skillfully identify hidden value that is typically not visible to others by bringing the strongest perspective on market trends, thorough understanding of the property and effective analysis to bear. This enhances certainty in our transactions and the highest value possible in the market.

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Client-Centric Approach

We understand that information is vital to every client. By combining experience and staying on the cutting edge of ever-changing regulations, trends and market research, we deliver real expertise and in-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements and investment needs. We actively reach out to the community, using our nationwide network of investors to ensure the best possible fit for the deal.

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Customized Marketing Strategies

While marketing our clients’ properties, we leave no stone unturned until it has been exposed to all potential buyers and brokers. We regularly update our database of buyers by tracking public information of transactions with HUD and LIHTC properties. We utilize every medium of advertising technology and actively reach out to those in the industry to ensure that we and the best fit. Through this method, the Affordable Housing Group has consistently delivered multiple offers, creating a competitive bid environment in every one of our transactions.

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